Dslr Remote Controller – Starting Procedure

Procedure to connect Camera, BT Receiver, Phone and Start Application

it is important to do everything in that order:

1. turn on camera and set to “Manual Mode” otherwise camera can hang after trying to change values on the phone
2. in camera menu set Auto power off to off, (it is optional, but it
preventing camera from sleep, when camera wake up it collide with BT
Device so camera may freeze, To unfreeze camera just take off battery from camera for couple of seconds)
3. connect BT Device to the camera
4. turn on power on BT Receiver
5. start the application on the phone
6. pair BT Receiver (name: linvor pairing code: 1234) in the phone: Settings->Wireless->Bluetooth settings->Scan for devices, (only need to be made one time, so phone can remember BT Device)
7. in application menu chose connect bt device (there is also button to close app)
8. chose your device from the menu and start it, so now Camera Should be
9. wait couple of seconds to let app to communicate with the camera and Can read Exposure, apereture, Iso,  wb  etc. states (should see on screen how readings are changing)

So that is all need to be done to connect camera with phone