Updating BT Receiver

Programming or Updating BT Receiver Procedure Guide for Windows

1. Parts you will need:
FTDI basic breakout board 3.3v
Stackable Header – 6 Pin

Same parts available in Europe:
FTDI basic breakout board 3.3v
Stackable Header – 6 Pin

2. Download DslrRC Firmware V3.0 with Uploader from: here and unzip the downloaded file and place it anywhere on your system. (Make sure to preserve the folder structure)

3. Verify that the DslrRC Hardware Receiver is turned off, and then attach the FTDI basic breakout to the controller by using the single row 6 pin connector.

4. Connect the Sparkfun FTDI basic breakout board to your computer using a mini-B USB cable. If your computer does not automatically install the drivers, you will need to install them manually (drivers are located inside “..Uploader/drivers” folder)

5. Start DslrRC Firmware Uploader.exe (located inside unzipped “Uploader” folder)

6. Browse for DslrRC Ver 3.0.hex file in Firmware file to write field (firmware located inside “..Uploader/firmware” folder)

7. Select your COM port (when connect the DslrRC Receiver thru breakout board to USB port it should appear automatically as different port from “COM1” port)

8. Set Baud rate to: 57600

9. Set Microcontroller to: m328p

10. Press Upload button

11. Wait

After upload is 100% done with no error, you will have your DslrRC Hardware Receiver updated